Awarded 2023 Beauty Company Grand Prize


Company name: Hoho Co.,Ltd

Representative: Kobayashi mine

Head office location: 1907,CamelliaTower,4-5-26,Honcho Kawaguchi City Saitama Prefecture ,Japan332-0012

Establishment: 2004,2

Main bank: Mizuho bank Kawaguchi branch

Cooperation Universities: Tokyo University of Technology ,Showa University ,Tokai University

Organization Member: 1.kawaguchi chamber of Commerce and industry 2.Cosmetic technician Association 3.China general merchandise business association 4.China Association of Chinese cockroaches

Established organizations: Association of cosmetics and health food business  http://www.jcchpa.org

Business contents

Cosmetics 、health related and Medicine OEM
1. consulting and entrusted business (production planning, packaging design, formula development, beauty consultant, designer).

2.One stop acceptance (Planning, design, production, registration, and advertising).

3.Exports and imports (Raw materials, packaging materials, semi-finished articles and articles).

4. Joint operations of research institutes and companies.

5. Cosmetics production technology and health、beauty technical guidance and training.

6 .consignment sales of cosmetics and health foods.


・Received "Health Management Certification Registration" from Governor of Saitama Prefecture. 2022.12.31

・ awarded the "Management Innovation Plan Approval" by Governor of Saitama Prefecture. 2022.3.23

2020:Medicine start OEM brokerage business

2017: Cosmetics and health foods start OEM brokerage business and start beauty training

2015 :Cosmetics technology support

2004 :Hoho Co.,Ttd Establishment

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